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Solar Panel

We use industry leading technology and equipment to clean your solar panels.

  • Increase your panels lifespan
  • Immediately increase power production
  • Spot-free shine
  • Save more money on your electricity bill

Critter Guard

Critter Guard is a metal wire mesh that is installed around the perimeter of  your rooftop solar system. Underneath the panels provides a perfect habitat that birds, squirrels and other critters tend to nest in. Under the panels is also where the systems wires, connections, and power electronics are. This leaves the system extremely vulnerable to multiple issues such as:

  • Restricted airflow
  • Wires being disconnected
  • Wired getting chewed through and needed to be replaced
  • Fire hazard from electrical components resting directly on the heated roof
** Critter guard is a 1 time investment and can be paid for overtime**


If you are a homeowner that has a solar system and needs to get your roof replaced, we handle the whole process regarding the solar panels. We work directly with you and the contractor to schedule and coordinate the construction. Our installation teams will:
  • Remove Solar system 1-2 days before roof gets replaced
  • Store and stage all re-usable materials on homeowners property
  • Remove all materials not fit to be reused
  • Replace all unusable materials with new, industry leading hardware
  • Re-install solar system immediately after roof completion
**We provide our own 10 year workmanship and labor warranty covering aesthetics, leaks, and the power production of the system before we touched it**