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Solar Panel cleaning

We use industry leading technology and equipment to keep your solar panels clean year-round. Keeping your solar panels cleaned increases production and performance. If you do not regularly clean your solar panels, the manufacturer of your panels may not cover damages.


Critter Guard Installation
Critter guard is a PVC coated aluminum mesh that is installed around the perimeter of your rooftop solar system. Critter guard prevents all types of rodents and birds from nesting underneath your system and/or damaging the wiring. Many expensive issues can be avoided by a 1 time investment into critter guard.


Detach & Reinstalls (for roof replacement)
Our installation teams will get your solar system removed the day before your roof replacement. We then re-install the system immediately after your roofing project is completed. We work directly with your roofing contractor throughout the entire process and assist with communication to the insurance company if necessary. All of our work is backed by a 10-year workmanship and labor warranty.
Solar Maintenance/Service Calls
Our technicians handle all issues with your solar system. Both mechanical/construction issues on the roof, and any electrical issues. This includes inverter maintenance and replacement if necessary.


Solar System Inspections
Our technicians will inspect the cleanliness of your panels, check for any unsecured panels, loose/hanging wires, signs of animal nesting, or any damage caused by animal traffic underneath your panels. This system check will be completed upon our initial visit, as well as every time that we perform a solar cleaning (1, 2, or 3 times/year).
Rooftop Storm Damage Inspections
Our technicians will perform a full inspection of your roof, roof vents, gutters, and fencing for any signs of hail or wind damage. If there is significant damage to your property, we will assist you in the process of choosing a trusted roofing contractor and scheduling a time to get a second opinion from them. Performing work on your solar system when your roof is going to need a replacement soon anyways, will only waste your money. This is our way of helping with that.
Inverter Commissioning & Testing
If you are having problems with the production of your system and you are unable to identify where the problem is coming from, our licensed electricians will commission and test your inverter to identify where your problem(s) are coming from, and what we need to do to resolve the issue(s).