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PV National

PV National is a solar care and home services company out of McKinney Texas. For 3 years, the same owners were operating as a solar installation company doing both original installations and detach/re-installs.

Over the years as installers, we began to notice that the solar companies selling these systems had no plan in place for the homeowners regarding the necessary regular upkeep of the systems. Without regular maintenance, solar systems will not perform to their full potential and will not have as long of a life.

As installers in the field, we heard complaints directly from homeowners about how to manage their systems on an ongoing basis. Upon further research into this issue, we discovered that lack of follow up by solar sales organizations is a major problem in the solar industry as a whole.

Knowing this information, our entire focus has shifted towards becoming the solution for this rapidly growing industry’s largest problem. With the combination of our technical knowledge of solar systems, and our desire to make the solar experience better for everyone, we are your local, reliable, one-stop-shop regarding all things solar for the entirety of your system’s life.

Ultimately, our mission is to give homeowners the ability to maximize their return on investment and save them money. We are committed to making the earth a cleaner, more sustainable place to live.